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Thursday, November 10, 2005

My biggest Pet Peeve......

Religion is the cause of all wars!! This seems to be an underlying assumption of radical secularists and a cornerstone of "enlightenment" thinking. Chesterton dealt well with this using his line "We must not fight on holy ground" as being the most likely peacekeeper among primordial a greatly shorten to paraphrase.

If this were true, how would one explain the Hundred Years War? France vs. Britain while both were still Catholic. Has anybody ever watched Lawrence of Arabia? That was a Moslem vs. Moslem conflict. What about the US Civil War? Simple math would show that Stalin and Mao have spilled more blood for irreligion than probably all "religious wars" put together. Rational thinking would tell us that data judges theories, theories dont judge data. The data does not support was thinking about this that really got me to see the dogma behind the "high priests" of the left........


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